Created in 2010 by the Sci-Fi Club of New Caledonia, the SCIFIMAGES exhibition presents each year original pictures
made after Science-Fiction and Fantasy books.

jeudi 21 juillet 2011

Scifimages, the exhibition! (in English)

The exhibition called "Scifimages 1.1" has just opened at the Maison du Livre (Book House?) of New Caledonia, and will be opened every day (Sundays excepted) from 11am to 5.30pm until the 13th of August.

Organised by the Sci-Fi Club of New Caledonia and the Maison du Livre, it's a collective exhibition of (mostly) digital and (some) traditional art, made by (mostly) local visual artists. The 2011's theme was to adapt "classic" Science-Fiction and Fantasy books, to a local (i.e. New Caledonian) or Pacific setting.

The Sci-Fi Club of New Caledonia is a 25 years old association, also called the "association of the imagination", that has the purpose of promoting the science-fiction and fantasy genre, through all their forms, in New Caledonia. We organise movie festivals, Role-Playing Games conventions, LARPG events, and have a 2000 books Science-Fiction and Fantasy library, open every Saturday afternoon at the Maison du Livre.

The Maison du Livre (Maison Célières) is situated 21, route du Port Despointes Faubourg Blanchot.

Most of this blog will be written in French, but feel free to leave comments and to enjoy the pictures anyway!

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